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10 Ways to Safeguard Kids from Predators

In the wake of the sex assault scandals of Weinstein, Spacey and others, the movie about pederasty in Hollywood, “An Open Secret,” is suddenly getting the attention it deserves.

Is Hollywood’s tolerance of predators about to end? Or will prominent deviants continue using children for selfish purposes?

The sexual violation of a child is among a parent’s most persistent fears.

And sad to say, the risk is exploding, even outside Hollywood. Our national depravity meter is off the charts, with children in the cross hairs—child porn, explicit sex ed, teacher misbehavior, sexting, youth recruited for “pride” parades, gross TV shows and movies, vulgar music, undesirable peer influence.

Yet it’s still possible to navigate this Niagara and protect children, if parents are serious. This road may require sacrifice, public confrontation, the strain of extra vigilance on over-taxed schedules, and heated family debates if everyone’s not on board.

Do you understand the threat? Does your spouse?

Here’s my list of child protection priorities:

1. Public school? Really? This is where official “grooming” of children --- preparing them to accept molestation when it happens -- is becoming business as usual.

Franklin Graham just issued a serious warning for parents after learning about the sex education outrage at an Oklahoma middle school:

"Parents beware and listen up-- here's an example of how dangerous our public schools have become for our children. This Oklahoma middle school was teaching 7th and 8th graders topics in their sex education class including mutual masturbation, oral, vaginal and anal sex as the '4 types' of sex."

If you have no choice but the anti-Christian, anti-morality bias of public education, you must pledge to be constantly vigilant and stand up against programs that sexually molest your child’s mind and heart. If you don’t, you will see your precious child change before your eyes and this corruption is deliberate.

Virtually all so-called “comprehensive sexuality education” programs are shockingly explicit and harmful.

2. Monitor the adults. Who’s influencing your child? Who are these people? It’s critical to find out. Trusting parents have discovered to their horror that educators, babysitters, coaches and others are sometimes deviants in disguise.

In Dublin, OH, social studies teacher and track coach Gregory Lee was indicted for a sexual relationship with a female student. There had been complaints about him for most of the 22 years of his employment.

 In Worcester, Massachusetts, middle school math teach Scott Peeler pled guilty to child porn charges and was sentenced to over 11 years in prison. No one had any idea.

Double and triple check any adults who have contact with your child and do not allow them to spend time alone.

And adult homosexuals in your child’s life are a time bomb.

Not all homosexuals are molesters, of course, but there’s a reckless approach to children among most in this lifestyle. Some, sad to say, will cross every line.

We are supposed to believe that no males attracted to adult males are also drawn to pubescent boys, but that claim definitely strains credulity. This untenable position makes once- cautious parents too trusting in today’s climate.

Why did the icons of homosexual history include those who made no secret of their interest in boys? Deviants like Harry Hay, Harvey Milk, Terence Bean (co-founder of the Human Rights Campaign)? Why fail to denounce these villains if pederasty is never accepted in “LGBTQ” ranks? All of these perversion pioneers identified as “gay,” not as pedophiles or pederasts.

3. Report suspicious activity. If you have knowledge of inappropriate behavior by adults toward kids, you must report it. These people need to be “outed” and never allowed to work near, or have contact with children again.

Commercial sexual exploitation like child pornography is deeply evil and also against the law. All child pornography needs to be reported and these deviants punished to the full extent of the law. Please give support and funding to people and groups trying to stop this tragic victimization of children.

4. Monitor your children’s friendships closely.  Molestation by peers or older youth is a growing problem, so check out their friends and their friends’ siblings as well. Limit or eliminate sleepovers.

And your sons or daughters should not maintain close friendships with self-declared homosexuals or gender-confused peers. I’m serious. When it comes to appropriate interactions, confused kids often have loose boundaries and  risky attitudes. Over the years, too many heartbroken parents have told me about “gay”–identified friends who aggressively drew their kids into unsought experimentation.

5.  No social media or Internet surfing. Online activity by your minor child should be confined to homework. For many reasons, kids should have no social media accounts or smart phones. It’s not simply the risk of inappropriate contacts and material. It’s the time wasted, obsessive peer focus, and the cyber-bullying risk. There are really no upsides. This can wait until they become young adults and leave the intense high school bubble.

And online pornography is a poison affecting millions of teens, especially boys. Your kids will be happier without all this.

6. Keep your child out of predator–prone activities, like modeling, “star” athletics with overnight trips away from parents, acting, teen music, etc.

7.  Take out the garbage.  Get raunchy programs and any media showcasing children in sexual situations off the air. Complain to networks, boycott the sponsors, sign petitions. Let’s clean the sewer that normalizes deviance. Contact Netflix about molester-friendly “Big Mouth” and Disney about “Andi Mack” where a 13- year- old declares a homosexual identity.

8. Talk with your kids. Whatever age they are, they can learn right and wrong and be trained in discernment.

9. Work for stronger laws. Texas just allocated $60 million to combat child abuse. Let’s go to our legislatures and demand real safety for kids.

10. Pray for God’s guidance. When you read and study Scripture, note that it’s the parent’s duty to educate children – not government-funded schools.

You can do this! Your kids are depending on it.