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Parading Like Sodom: The Sin of Pride

'Equality' March is Not about Equality

There’s a national homosexual “march for equality” in Washington, D.C. on June 11. Equality? Really? This movement is backing down from its current goal of tyranny and supremacy, and actually


Jesus Rose to Save Homosexual Sinners

A call came in last week to our organization, Mission America, leaving this message. “I just came across your group and your viewpoint,” the young girl said, “and I just want you to know that I


Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Promotes Homosexuality

I received some really troubling news last week. It seems that Children’s Hospital in Columbus –which is now called Nationwide Children’s – has a prominent display promoting homosexuality,


Sin-Affirming Christians are Biggest Threat to 'Pride' Events

Do people who identify as homosexual or transgendered deserve to be shot in cold blood? Of course not, and when this happens, as it did on Sunday morning in Orlando, it’s a horrific and needless


A Child's View of 'Gay' Pride

The following is a work of fiction ... maybe. One fine June morning, Dan told his wife, "I think I'll take Derek to the park for some batting practice." So after breakfast, the eager 6-year-old


There's Only Shame, Not Pride, in "Gay" Parades

Do you believe homosexuals have anything to be “proud” of? No, I don’t either. And the sex parades our communities must endure each year are depraved displays of a new America….one you and I


The Rainbow Assault on America's Children

It's bad enough that the Supreme Court is inventing rights to homosexuality-as-marriage that don't exist in the Constitution--but with the worldwide phenomenon of 'gay pride' in our streets each


The Streets of San Francisco, Part 1

Go here for photos from Americans for Truth. Picture this: a group of conservatives standing on the steps of the City Hall of San Francisco, holding a news conference. Several homosexual couples,


The Streets of San Francisco, Part 2

The need to pass California’s Proposition 8, upholding marriage between one man and one woman, has never been greater in my view after spending an afternoon at the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair