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Huckabee: Governor Romney acted unconstitutionally on "gay marriage"

Amy Contrada, Renew America

"He could have stopped it, and should have stopped it," Huckabee said. Governor Romney should have stood up to the Court and said, "No"?

Huckabee: He should've. (August 2008)

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Mitt Romney Would Keep Homosexuals in the Military

FRC Action voter guide tells the story

Mitt Romney would not reverse the horrendous policy that is allowing open homosexuality in our military.

He is also very squishy on the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and human cloning, and he would support ENDA, the sweeping homosexual "rights" bill.

Why is any Christian or conservative even thinking about supporting him? Vote your conscience on Tuesday, March 6, or whenever your state's primary occurs.

READ the details at FRC Action

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